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A grand gathering of fabulous planes with distinct features

The Macau Business Aviation Exhibition was jointly sponsored by Nam Kwong Group, China Aviation Supplies Holding Company and Macao Convention & Exhibition Association and organized by Nam Kwong International Convention & Exhibition. It was firstly held in the fall of 2012. After years of cultivation and innovation, as the quality of the exhibition increased continuously, Macao Business Aviation Exhibition was certified by Union of International Fairs (UFI) in 2016.

The Macau Business Aviation Exhibition attracted more than ten airplane models that were designed by mainstream manufacturers of the world to participate in the exhibition, and both domestic and international brands showed their uniqueness. It was a full product line comprehensive exhibition for business plane users, and incorporated multiple aspects of the business aviation industry chain, such as the manufacture, operation, security services, financial leasing and enterprise extended services of business planes. Driven by aviation finance and leasing, the exhibition helped promote the development of business aviation. Some other splendid events were held as well during the exhibition, such as professional forums, science popularization lectures on aviation and paper plane competition.

Macau Business Aviation Exhibition thrived to be a professional business aviation exhibition that supplemented and developed along with other aviation exhibitions, as well as a first class exhibition in China and of global influence. This platform promoted the benign development of business aviation industry in China, and contributed to the prosperity and development of Macao and its regional economy.

Macau Business Aviation Exhibition:

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