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Nam Kwong Employment Agency (Macau) Co., Ltd. (Nam Kwong Employment Agency for short) specializes in labor service delivery and was established in January 2004 in Macau with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of China and the Macau SAR Government. It was previously the Labor Service Department of Nam Kwong Group, and is now a subsidiary of Nam Kwong Culture and Creativity Industry Co., Ltd. (NKCCI).

Since its foundation, Nam Kwong Employment Agency has actively maintained the order of the labor market in Macau, strictly complied with industrial standards, and adhered to the business principles of being credible, strict contract performance, quality guarantee, being considerate and enthusiastic, and serving the employers and laborers during labor service cooperation. Nam Kwong Employment Agency actively promotes the moderate economic diversification of Macau, and manages or provides labor services for a range of partners, such as conventions, exhibitions, hotel and tourism industry, catering industry, construction industry, and retail and industrial and commercial service industry. It also introduces specialized talents to many professional organizations in Macau.

Nam Kwong Employment Agency is dedicated to delivering the urgently-needed talents for all walks of life in Macau, promoting the sound and steady development of Macau labor market, and supporting the moderate and diversified economic development in the region. 

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