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Deep-seated ideological reform drives high-quality reform and development|Nam Kwong Held 2019 Reform and Development Theory-discussing Meeting
Date:datemonth01 14,2019 Source:Namkwong Group

On January 10, Nam Kwong (Group) Co., Ltd. held 2019 Reform and Development Theory-discussing Meeting. All leadership members, assistant general manager, general counsel and leaders of all functional departments and offices of the Group attended the meeting.

The meeting is very important to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Central Economic Working Conference, and the pilot launch meeting of the state-owned capital investment corporation of SASAC. From the perspective of the Group's strategic development, leadership members, assistant general manager and general counsel had in-depth discussions on the reform and development, production and operation, and team building of the Group and reached broad consensus centering on the pilot enterprises of state-owned capital investment companies. We all agree that we should stick to our original intention, never forget our mission, do a good job in the trial reform of state-owned capital investment companies, and promote the grand strategy of “rooting Macau, connecting the mainland and expanding overseas".

At the meeting, Executive Director & President Duan Hongyi reviewed the operation and development of the Group in recent years, and put forward specific opinions and requirements on doing a good job in the stock business and incremental business, and comprehensively promoting the pilot work of state-owned capital investment companies. He proposed to spare no pains to do a good job throughout the year, continue to tap potential, and strive to achieve a significant increase in the Group's operating income and profit in a short time period. According to him, it is also necessary to seize the opportunity, change our ideas, raise our awareness, strengthen the study and research of relevant policies and documents, formulate the pilot work plan as soon as possible, comprehensively improve the corporate governance structure, straighten out the equity relationship and establish a standardized board of directors.

Chairman of Board Fu Jianguo thought deeply about the reform and development of the Group from two dimensions and made a profound analysis of the orientation of the state-owned capital investment companies and the historical and realistic characteristics of Nam Kwong (Group) Co., Ltd. He pointed out that becoming one of the new batch of pilot enterprises of the state-owned capital investment companies is a significant historical opportunity for Nam Kwong to stimulate its endogenous driving force and realize high-quality development. The Group should accurately grasp the function orientation of state-owned capital investment companies, adjust and optimize the internal business structure, perfect the managing mechanism, innovate the business model, enhance the collaboration with the surrounding resources, make efforts to build "Nam Kwong +" development mode, realize the control pattern of "small headquarters and great industry", persistently deepen the reform and better release the power and vitality of high-quality development. In line with the principles of “rooting Macau, connecting the mainland and expanding overseas", the Group should improve the efficiency of resource allocation and the level of international operation through opening up and cooperation.

Chairman of Board Fu Jianguo stressed that leaders at all levels of the Group should emancipate the mind, keep practical and realistic and unify the understanding. It is necessary to further strengthen study, strengthen industrial, market and reform research, strengthen and improve enterprise management, and strengthen the building of reserve cadres and talents. It is also important to have a profound understanding of the era value of reform and opening up and "one country, two systems" focusing on the work target of “scientific management, innovative development and first-class image” and promote the transformation, innovation and high-quality development of Nam Kwong with the courage to follow through the reform, so as to make due contributions to the Group, making it able to  further comprehensively and accurately grasp the new historical orientation of reform and development, focus on opening up a new journey, and make itself stronger, better and larger as a state-owned enterprise.

All functional departments and offices of the Group also made full research and thinking before the meeting, and put forward many opinions and suggestions focusing on the theme of the meeting based on the actual work at the meeting.

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