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The Board Chairman of Nam Kwong Group Fu Jianguo visited Portuguese Government and enterprises to promote the cooperation and development of overseas business
Date:datemonth10 22,2018 Source:NKCCI

The Board Chairman of Nam Kwong Group Fu Jianguo actively promoted the communication and exchange between enterprises and governments, visited major Portuguese enterprises in the fields of energy, tourism, hotel, real estate, logistics, trade and finance such as Mota Engil, Transitex, Millennium, Sovena and Pestana, and investigated Monte da Cal Chateau, Monte do Pasta Farm and relevant real estate and logistics projects in Lisbon as a bridge between Nam Kwong Group and Chinese and Portuguese-speaking enterprises when he was invited to visit Portugal and attend the economic and trade cooperation negotiation conference between Chinese and Portuguese-speaking enterprises from June 19 to 23. The visiting delegation of Nam Kwong Group carried out in-depth communication with all the parties to have a comprehensive discussion about the potential opportunities for cooperation and development, which effectively promoted the progress of relevant cooperation projects. The Executive Deputy General Manager of the Operation Management Department of Nam Kwong Group Chen Jun and the General Manager of China Wine Corporation Zhang Jianzhong accompanied the visit.


On the morning of June 19, the Board Chairman Fu Jianguo led the delegation of France Thales Group and CRRC Tangshan Branch to visit the Minister of Environment of Portugal João Matos Fernandes. The Board Chairman Fu Jianguo firstly extended sincere gratitude to the Minister Fernandes. He pointed out that, China has a good political relationship with Portugal with great potential for economic and trade cooperation. Macau strives to serve as a commercial and trade platform for China and Portuguese-speaking countries. As the only Chinese central enterprise headquartered in Macau and the largest comprehensive enterprise in Macau, Nam Kwong Group takes active actions and plays an important role in the economic and trade relationship between China and Portugal. The Minister Fernandes recognized the contributions and achievements made by Nam Kwong Group in the Macau development and Sino-Portugal cooperation. At the meeting, all the parties fully expressed opinions on relevant projects, and conducted in-depth communication and exchange.

On the morning of June 20, the Board Chairman Fu Jianguo visited its partner Mota Engil Group. The director Mr. Jorge Rodrigues and Mr. Eduardo Pimentel of Mota Engil Group extended warm welcome to the visit of Nam Kwong Group. He made a detailed introduction of development characteristics of Mota Engil in different phases since its establishment in 1946, the business layout in several industries in 28 countries of three continents and the operation performance in the recent years, especially the project experience and management superiority in terms of garbage collection, classification, treatment and energy development of its subordinate EGF and SUMA Company. He hoped that, the Company could expand cooperation with Nam Kwong Group, and promote the development of China’s environmental protection industry by taking advantage of the projects in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. The Board Chairman Fu Jianguo extended gratitude to the Mota Engil Group for trust and support. He introduced the business development and cooperation of Nam Kwong Group in Macau, mainland China and Portugal, had an in-depth understanding of the endeavor and achievements made by Mota Engil Group in the entry into the Chinese market, and recognized the intention to realize cooperation and business expansion with Macau and Nam Kwong. He hoped that the two parties could strengthen the information exchange, and grasp opportunities such as the further reform and opening-up, development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the building of the business and trade service platform in Macau, China and Portugal to realize cooperation and development in the broader fields.

On the afternoon of June 21, the Board Chairman Fu Jianguo went to the Faro District, Alentejo Province, Portugal to visit the Monte do Pasta Farm in the company of Macau enterprises. The Farm CEO Clara Moura Guedes extended warm welcome to visitors. She gave a detailed introduction of the history of the farm, team composition, stock cattle, sales market structure, operation advantages, benefits, objectives of modern and international development, etc. The delegation led by the Board Chairman Fu Jianguo visited the office area, feedstuff plant and breeding base in the farm, carried out deep exchanges with the persons in charge and technicians of the farm, had a detailed understanding of relevant policies, source of breeding cattle, purchase and sales price, breeding cycle, mode of transport, anti-epidemic measures, operation risks, customer composition, brand recognition and consumer habits, and conducted exchanges and discussions with Macau enterprises in terms of the collaborative business development.


On the morning of June 22, the Board Chairman Fu Jianguo visited CEO of Portugal Transitex Corporation Mr. Fernando Lima. The two parties reviewed the joint efforts and achievements since their cooperation in the Chinalog Project, and exchanged opinions on the existing opportunities, challenges and further development. Mr. Fernando Lima further introduced the investment in the logistics infrastructure facilities, comparative business superiority and scale and benefits of Transitex Company in Portugal in the recent years, and recommended relevant projects to Nam Kwong Group. The Board Chairman Fu Jianguo had a detailed understanding of the ports in Portugal and Spain, the market supply and demand for the logistics business, and the future business development plans of Transitex Company. He pointed out that, the logistics business is one of the key directions of future development of Nam Kwong Group. He hoped that they could closely cooperate with Transitex to promote the project exchange and cooperation by giving play to their respective strength and grasping the development opportunities for Sino-Portugal trade development.


Upon departure from Transitex Company, the Board Chairman Fu Jianguo went to visit Portugal Millennium Bank Group. The Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of Millennium Group Mr. João Numo Palma warmly welcomed the delegation led by the Board Chairman, and systematically introduced the development history, business distribution, assets, liabilities, and market share of Millennium Bank. He hoped that the bank could cooperate with Nam Kwong Group to develop and expand the business scale in Macau and mainland China based on the existing cooperation with Chinese enterprises by giving full play to its professional service and information resource in Portugal. The Board Chairman Fu Jianguo extended sincere gratitude to the great kindness of Millennium Bank. He mainly introduced the development planning and industrial arrangements of the Group in Portuguese-speaking countries in future based on the experience accumulated by Macau and Nam Kwong in the Sino-Portugal economic and trade cooperation in combination with the strategic objectives of Nam Kwong Group - “Being Rooted in Macau, Connecting the Mainland, and Expanding Overseas”. He hoped that they could create more cooperation opportunities and realize multi-win benefits by making use of the industrial resources and information superiority of Millennium Bank, and giving play to the linking function of its platform.

On the afternoon of June 22, the delegation led by the Board Chairman Fu Jianguo visited Portugal Sovena Olive Oil Group, and met with the delegation led by Sovena CEO Mr. Jorge de Melo. Mr. Melo pointed out that, as a family enterprise, Sovena Group has gradually developed into the largest olive oil manufacturer in the world with the business spread in more than 70 countries through extension of industrial chain and R&D of new technology. The Board Chairman Fu Jianguo pointed out that, Nam Kwong Group could realize cooperation with Sovena Group in the livelihood and tourist service in Macau based on the good understanding of the mode of cooperation between Sovena Group and enterprises in other countries, the tariff policies in different countries and the nutritional value of the olive oil products. Both parties expected that they could strengthen exchange and enhance mutual cooperation.

The Board Chairman Fu Jianguo then led the delegation to visit the largest hotel group in Portugal Pestana. The CDO and director of Pestana Group Mr. Jose Roquette warmly introduced its mode of operation, management experience, brand strategy, business composition and expansion plan, and expressed his intention to explore into the suitable cooperation mode in China jointly with Chinese enterprises, and expand Chinese market beginning from Macau. The Board Chairman Fu Jianguo mainly introduced the business development and plan of the hotel sector of the Group. He pointed out that, with the release of the planning of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the bay would have greater demands for hotels, and Nam Kwong could realize innovative cooperation with Pestana Group in the investment and management with its superiority in the hotel business, build featured hotels with both Chinese and Portuguese styles, and realize mutual development by grasping the market opportunities.  


During the visit, the delegation of Nam Kwong Group also inspected the real estate, logistics and chateau projects in Portugal, and carried out extensive and deep exchange with Macau, governments and enterprises of Portuguese-speaking countries, which laid solid foundation for the future cooperation and development of overseas business of Nam Kwong Group.

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