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Service Manual on Visas (Endorsements) to Macau

1. Provisions cited and explanations provided in this manual on visas/endorsements to Macau are for reference purpose only.

2. Users should refer to relevant regulations of the Macau Special Administrative Region for accurate information.

3. Please refer to information provided by the Exit and Entry Administration of the local Public Security Bureau for specific application requirements as they may vary from city to city in China.

Table of Contents

I. Provisions on Documents for Entry to and Departure from Macau SAR

II Procedures for Chinese Citizens Applying for Travel Documents to Enter Macau                                 

First-time Applicants for Exit-Entry Permit (EEP) and Endorsement                               

Holders of Valid Exit-Entry Permit (EEP) Applying for Endorsement                         

Handling of Cases of Loss of Entry Identification Documents for Non-residents

III. New Regulations on Macau Entry Endorsement for Holders of a Chinese Passport (7-day stay, endorsement-free)

IV. Notice for Nationals or Citizens of Other Countries and Regions to Enter Macau                    

V. Notice for Workers from the Chinese Mainland to Apply for Travel Document to Macau during Exhibitions 

Endorsement for Construction Workers from the Chinese Mainland to Macau (applicable during exhibitions only)

Endorsement for and Registration of Models from the Chinese Mainland to Macau (applicable during exhibitions only)                                             

VI Get an Invitation Letter

Note: Holders of invitation to conferences or exhibitions may be granted fast access to travel document or visa services.

Related Information

I. Provisions on Documents for Entry to and Departure from Macau SAR

In accordance with relevant provisions on Entry to and Departure from Macau SAR of Non-residents, the following non-residents are allowed to enter and depart from the Macau Special Administrative Region if they possess the documents listed below:

1. A valid passport;

2. A One-way or Two-way Exit Permit or other travel documents issued by the authorities of the People’s Republic of China;

3. A Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card or Re-entry Permit;

4. A Seaman’s Identity Book issued by countries having ratified the International Labour Organization Convention 108 of 13 May 1958;

5. A License or Crew Certificate (subject to travelling on duty only) issued under Annex 1 and 9 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation of 7 December 1944;

6. A travel document issued in accordance with Article 28 of the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugee of 28 July 1951, which was amended in the protocol of 31 January 1967;

7. Other documents as prescribed by law or international treaties which are applicable to the Macau Special Administrative Region;

8. Other valid travel documents;

9. Nationals or citizens of countries or regions which have reached an agreement with the Macau SAR on passport-free entry to and departure from the Macau Special Administrative Region.

    Contact persons (Beijing):Cai Hongtao
    Mobile phone:(86) 13911678560
    Contact persons (Beijing) :Liu Yan, Cui Ang, He Meng
    Contact persons (Macau):Zhou Jinyang
    Mobile phone:(853)63762122、(86)15363762122
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