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NAM Kwong Group Convenes 2017 Meeting of the Leading Group for Deepening Reform
Date:datemonth07 20,2017 Source:NAM Kwong Group

On July 4, NAM Kwong Group held its 2017 Meeting of the Leading Group for Deepening Reform to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council for the reform of state-owned enterprises, made a summary of the progress in, difficulties of and relevant suggestions on the reforms in the first half of the year and made arrangements for key reform work in the future. The meeting was chaired by NAM Kwong Group Chairman Fu Jianguo and attended by President Duan Hongyi, Vice President Li Zhizhong, General Accountant Peng Jinhong, Vice President Wang Tongyan, and Executive Director Sun Xingmou, heads of functional department and reform-related personnel of the group.

After listening to the reports on the progress in deepening reform of the Group and the work of each functional department for the first half of 2017, Fu put forward the following requirements: 1. We should deepen the reform comprehensively as it is not only the major task of the group for 2017, but also the work target of the group and major task of the functional departments for the year. 2. We should further increase the awareness of deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, resolutely deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, devote great energy to solving the problems of business management, investment, development and industrial structure through deepening reform, work hard to address obstructions holding back development caused by certain systems and mechanisms, keep improving our business operations and strive to make our development reach a new stage. Third, we shall further deepen and refine the plan on reform implementation; we shall make studies on policies, ourselves and others; we shall strengthen study on and learning of “1+N” series files, be bold in practice and innovation; we shall improve ourselves by summarizing the rules, learning the advantages of others and drawing on the experience and lessons of others. Fourth, we shall learn management & control mode, approaches and process from internationally leading enterprises, broaden our horizon and set clear targets for comprehensively deepening reform, promote innovation of business operations, and take a path with characteristics of NAM Kwong. Fifth, we shall make interim revisions of the “13th Five-year Plan” of the group, and carry out the key tasks of corporate system reform and researches on management and control mode.

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NAM Kwong Group Convenes 2017 Meeting of the Leading Group for Deepening Reform
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