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Chairman Fu Jianguo Attends BRICS Business Forum 2017
Date:datemonth09 06,2017 Source:NAM Kwong Group

During September 3-4, NAM Kwong Group Chairman Fu Jianguo attended the BRICS Business Forum 2017 at Xiamen International Conference Center.

On September 3, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of BRICS Business Forum 2017 and delivered a keynote speech titled Working Together to Usher in the Second "Golden Decade" of BRICS Cooperation, stressing that the BRICS countries shall work together to usher into the second "Golden Decade" of BRICS Cooperation, so as to benefit the peoples of not only the five countries but also all the peoples in the world and make them enjoy the fruits of peace and development.

Xi stressed that the business circle is the major driving force for the economic development of BRIC countries. Over the past decade, business people incorporated their development into BRIC cooperation and made important contributions to building the BRIC economic partnership. He urged the business circle to give play to its advantages in information, technology and fund, etc., carry out more mutual-benefit, win-win and pragmatic cooperation programs that benefit the nations and the peoples, and make greater contributions to promoting economic and social development and improving the peoples' benefits.

Present at the forum were about 1,000 businesspersons from chambers of commerce, research institutes, famous companies and representative small and medium-sized enterprises of BRIC countries and other economies and representatives of relevant international organizations.

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Chairman Fu Jianguo Attends BRICS Business Forum 2017
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