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Xu Kaicheng: helping to diversity Macau’s economy
Date:datemonth03 15,2017

Edition A6, Macau Daily   Monday, June 13, 2016

Macau Auto Show approved by UFI

Central enterprises to strengthen support for the convention and exhibition industry

Xu Kaicheng: helping to diversity Macau’s economy

Xu Kaicheng, Chairman of Nam Kwong (Group) Company Limited, said that in the past two years, due to the economic downturn, the conference and exhibition industry in Macau was greatly affected. In view of this, Nam Kwong (Group) has given full play to its influence and driving force as a central enterprise, further strengthened support to the exhibition business, and made efforts to organize more exhibition projects.

The Macau Conference and Exhibition Industry is in the Ascendant

Xu Kaicheng said, in addition to the Fourth Annual Conference of World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China) which had just concluded, the exhibition company subordinate to the Group also held the first “China (Macau) Automotive and Shipping Equipment Fair” sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce on the second to fourth days of this month; it cooperated with the Counselors' Office of the State Council and the Central Research Institute of Culture and History to sponsor the series activities of “Chinese Culture Travels the World - Walk into Macau” on the fifth to ninth days of this month. From July 27 to 30, the Group would join up with Guangdong - Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd., the traditional Chinese medicine Exchange and Cooperation Center with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the PRC, and Traditional Chinese Medicine Bureau of Guangdong Province to sponsor the 2016 China (Macau) Traditional Medicine International Cooperation Forum & Exhibition. On November 4-6, the Group would hold the Sixth Macau Auto Show, the Sixth Macau Yacht Fair, and the Fifth Macau Business Aviation Exhibition, striving to reach new high in the scale, quality, influence, etc.

Nam Kwong Group, born and growing up in Macau, has been rooted in this fertile land for sixty-seven years, so to speak, it is an indigenous enterprise. After the transfer of sovereignty over Macau, especially since 2006 when the central people's government supported the Macau SAR Government to promote the diverse development of economy moderately, Macau has been committed to building the comprehensive tourism and leisure center and the regional trade services platform by means of adding new elements to tourism services, developing emerging industries such as exhibition, logistics and environmental protection, meanwhile, the Macau SAR Government also made the cultural creative industry an alternative. Nowadays, what makes us pleased is that, the brewing transformation of Macau has yield fruitful results. The exhibition industry in Macau is just unfolding, with the auto show, business aviation exhibition, and yacht fair sponsored by Nam Kwong Group becoming the convention and exhibition of the largest scale and with the most enterprise participants in Macau. The cultural and creative industry led by Nam Kwong Group has already taken shape, and Macau is not merely a gambling capital, but also a city of conferences, exhibitions, and culture. With the vigorous support of Macau SAR Government, the Group actively coordinated with the government in implementing the diversification policy, and spared no effort to overcome all kinds of obstacles and difficulties, and eventually created the new mode of promoting the development of diversified industries through the convention and exhibition industry.

Giving New Impetus to the Convention and Exhibition Industry in Macau

Macau is in a critical period of industrial restructuring and diversified development, Nam Kwong Group will continue to uphold the tenet of "returning the society with the best", take full advantages of the integration of its own resources and the resources of state-owned enterprises of the Chinese mainland in Macau, consistently support the economic diversification measures of Macau SAR Government, and fully mobilize all walks of life to participate and work together. The Group devotes to hold professional international exhibitions that are of large scale and great influence, so as to constantly give new impetus to the conference and exhibition industry in Macau, enhance the regional competitiveness and global influence of the industry, and make due contribution during its coordination with Macau SAR Government in building Macau into the Asia-Pacific conference and exhibition capital, the capital of culture, and the world tourism and leisure center.

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