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Li Zhaoxing interprets new international relations
Date:datemonth03 15,2017

Edition A2, Macau Daily   Thursday, June 9, 2016

Li Zhaoxing Speaks at the Theme Forum of Win-win Cooperation - Important Idea for Building New International Relations

Li Zhaoxing Interprets New International Relations

Li Zhaoxing, President of China Public Diplomacy Association and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, delivered a speech yesterday at the themed forum "Win-win Cooperation – Important Idea for Building a New Type of International Relations" of the Fourth Annual Conference of World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China) and put forward three views on the new type of international relations: in concept, mutual benefit and win-win situation; politically, dialogue and consultation, rather than confrontation; common development, not benefiting oneself at others' cost.

Building a Relationship of Win-win Cooperation

The themed forum of "Win-win Cooperation - Important Idea for Building New International Relations" of the Fourth Annual Conference of World Cultural Forum (Taihu, China) was held in Macau Venetian Convention and Exhibition Center at 3.20pm yesterday, and Mr. Li Zhaoxing made a speech as a guest speaker. He expressed that, the theme of this forum was not only combined with the world and based on the reality, but also had a wide vision and look to the future. He pointed out that, although the human society has progressed, the international situation is not as reasonable and democratic as imagined; instead, we are faced with unprecedented difficulties such as economic downturn, regional conflicts, and terrorism.

He noted that, faced with various changes in the international situation, China's leaders put forward strategic vision, and China would continue to build the new type of international relations with "win-win cooperation" as the core. This concept is to inherit and carry forward the requirements of Charter of the United Nations, as well as an innovation in the theory of international relations, and would certainly have a positive impact on the development of international relations.

Dialogue and Negotiation instead of Confrontation

What is special about "the new international relations"? Li Zhaoxing summed up such three points:

Firstly, the concept of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. At present, countries are interdependent, share a common destiny, and have integrated interests. The law of the jungle and the hegemonism are no longer feasible. This world requires us to be unprejudiced and open-minded, and people of all countries should seek methods to realize win-win and multi-win through wisdom, so as to create a community of shared future for mankind. The idea of a new type of international relations is not newly born but the inheritance and development of China's diplomatic tradition. For instance, the relation between China and African countries has been described as being particularly close; however, there are neither hidden secrets nor special differences. China has always been promoting the development of relations with African countries sincerely, especially emphasizes mutual respect and pragmatic cooperation, which are also the tradition and characteristics of diplomatic policies of the new China.

Secondly, politically, disputes should be solved through dialogue and negotiation rather than antagonism and confrontation. He has said that, a new type of international relations is to find a new path featuring dialogue and partnership rather than confrontation and alliance. International relations are not about targeting at an imagined enemy or any third party. Like-minded people are partners, while those foster common ground and harmonious coexistence by shelving their differences are also partners. The Chinese government establishes international partnership under the principle of non-alliance, and advocates non-conflict, non-confrontation, and win-win cooperation in the process of interacting with great powers. In the interaction with developing countries, China upholds the view of righteousness and benefit, giving priority to "righteousness". China now has established different forms of partnership with more than 80 countries.

Common Development Benefits Oneself as well as Others

Thirdly, common development rather than benefiting oneself at the cost of others. Eight years have passed since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, and people with vision in all countries have realized that, in the era of globalization, "prosperity" and "recession" will extend across countries. A nation must not pursue its own "rise" based on the loss of other countries or make other countries suffer due to its pursuit of power, and the outmoded means should be abandoned. All countries should establish a sense of community of shared interests and realize their own national development in the pursuit of common development.


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